By purchasing an auto-renewable subscription, you get unlimited usage and access to the following premium features, programs and content:

  1. An ever-growing collection of Group Immersions - real-time group meditations, healings, activations, ascension and manifestations, lead by the world’s best spiritual teachers and with hundreds of evolved people participating live.
  2. An ever-growing collection of Immersions, Healing Chambers and Sonic Therapies and other on-demand tools for daily use with the world’s best spiritual teachers. You can access and use any of these tools in the Library instantly, 24/7 and at any time.
  3. Access to our connections app where you can communicate with other people on the same journey with you to discuss your experience.

An auto-renewable subscription also gives app updates so you can always use the latest version of the app. We update the app on a weekly basis.

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