How to request a refund for your Soulvana Journey

We try to make refunds and exchanges as easy and hassle-free as possible. You can refund any Soulvana program using the refund form below:

In the menu that opens after inputting your email, please select Soulvana and the program you would like to refund.

We offer a 15-day refund policy from the purchase date for the following Soulvana Journeys (programs):

Be a Moderm Master (with Deborah King)

Manifesting Financial Abundance (with Regan Hillyer)

Quantum Health (with Juan Pablo Barahona)

Dream Life Alchemy (with Ariya Lorenz)

Mastering the Power of Breath (with Niraj Naik)

Quintessence (with Manex Ibar)

Eligible requests will be processed within 3 - 5 business days, as long as it is within the refund time frame.

How to Exchange Your Program for Another Program

If you find that the program that you have purchased is not for you and are still within the refund policy, you can exchange that program for another one that is similarly priced. To do so, please contact our customer support by clicking the chat widget at the bottom right corner and write to us with the details of your request.

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