We're thinking of building and releasing for you a new free feature called "Immersion Events", and we'd love to get your advice and feedback.

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What Does It Do?

The "Immersion Events" is a free feature that's intended to help you:

#1 - Easily create, schedule and host online group meditations so you can meditate with your friends, family, and other Soulvana users.

Every events starts at the specific Date and Time. You can make your events public or private.

  • Public events are publicly listed and visible to everyone on Soulvana app. Everyone can see and join them.
  • Private events are not listed and visible to everyone on Soulvana app. Only people with an invitation link can see and join them.

Inviting people to join any event is super simple.

#2 - Browse and join online group meditations created and scheduled by other users.

#3 - Interact with people who join the same session through a chat.

This feature, if build and released, is intended to be free for both the Host (i.e. the person creating an event) and Attendees (i.e. the people joining the event)

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